10 Reasons to consider Underground Utility Locating

Envisager la localisation souterrains
    1. Protecting employees: The # 1 concern in construction projects  is security. Safety & security for workers builds loyalty and quality of work from employees.
    2. Your Client’s Trust: When your client can see that you take safety and the protection of THEIR infrastructure seriously, a long-term relationship may be the fruit of their well-placed trust.

  1. Catastrophe from Damages: The service worth any expense you’d need to pay after damages were done to utilities.  A proactive step toward eliminating those damages should be your bottom line.
  2. Time & Money: Much disruption of the project schedule can have a direct impact, as unforeseen can dictate the overall profitability of the project.  GPR can also provide untold cost savings by locating utilities, rebars, post-tension cables, storage tanks before the corring or digging begins. It can help determine what main power feed is located below the concrete and ensure that there is zero downtime.
  3. reputationProtecting your reputation: Your Business’ reputation may be its greatest selling point. It’s worth protecting.
  4. The Risk: Schedule, budget, and good information leads to risk mitigation. Having the ability to determine the precise location of underground services does limit the risk of any interruption of utilities, injury, delay or major repairs. Limiting risk allows for better planning, proper budgeting and well done projects.
  5. The environment:  Scan Plus is often contacted to reduce the areas of environmental studies by locating different underground storage tanks before the start of a project.
  6. Experienced Technicians: Our employees’ detailed training is unmatched in the industry. All Scan Plus Technicians go through a lengthy STAR certification process that ensures they get the job done right.
  7. Reports of informations: These reports are often necessary to prove that the proper precautions were taken to locate unknown hazards and also provide a record of the unknown objects (concrete embedments and underground utilities) found for future reference. We are constantly trying to improve our reporting methods while not straying too far from what we do best; provide answers to your questions as to what lies below the surface.
  8. tranquillite d'espritPeace of mind: Every project struggles to maintain its projected schedule. Schedueling a locate at the planning stage of any construction project, allows for Peace of mind.

Finally, why not simply contact us to scan so as to avoid the above metionned troubles !

The solution: Scan Plus

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