Problems with your drainage system may lead to a myriad of complications. With camera assisted drain inspection, you get an effective way to detect and solve drainage issues before they become major challenges.

At ScanPlus Tech, we pride ourselves on being a leading licensed, bonded, and insured service provider with the ability to offer quick and effective camera assisted drain inspection and smoke testing services.

What Is a Camera Drain Inspection?

Camera drain inspection consists of using specialized sewer inspection cameras to look into drainage systems with the aim of locating the source of blockages, amongst other problems, without having to excavate the ground above.

It provides an effective and non-invasive means of inspecting every aspect of your drainage system so as to identify the cause of the issue at hand and pinpoint its location.

With our camera-assisted drain inspection services, you will eliminate any guesswork on where to excavate or the current state of your drainage system.

Camera Assisted Drain Inspection

Why Request a Camera Drain Inspection?

There are many reasons to request camera-assisted drain inspection. The majority of our customers, however, use our services for the following reasons:

  • Inspecting septic and drainage systems
  • Retrieval of lost items
  • Potential home inspection
  • Remodeling Inspection

Advantages of Camera Assisted Drainage Inspection

Here is brief look at some of the benefits that come with our sewer camera inspection services:

  • Accurately locating and diagnosing drainage problems
  • It leads to less costly repairs
  • Early detection of problems
Advantages of Camera Assisted Drainage Inspection

What to Expect During Camera Drain Inspection

Camera drain inspection is usually performed by a trained and experienced drainage expert. Once the line to be inspected is open, the camera system will be lowered into the pipe through to the line.

The cameras are usually very flexible which allows them to follow the path of the pipe. While the camera travels through the pipe, the operator will see real-time footage transmitted to the pipe on a monitor.

With the footage, our sewer expert will advise you on what the problem is and how to have it resolved.

What Is Smoke Testing?

The smoke test is a test method used to verify the tightness of the pipe systems. Its objective is to detect any air leak that the camera during a drain inspection cannot detect.

We use a method that is precise, efficient and does not cause any damage to the system. All that is required is to plug the pipe leading to the general street sewer with a broom. Then our team seals the roof vent and blows smoke into the pipes to see where the smoke is escaping. A problem is detected when smoke escapes from weak points, which are the breakpoints in the tested plumbing or ductwork.

Save time and money with the effectiveness of smoke testing for leak detection. Contact our team today to request a quote.


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