Problems with your drainage and conduit systems can lead to a myriad of complications. Thanks to camera-assisted pipeline and conduit inspections, you have an effective way to detect and resolve drainage and conduit issues before they become major challenges.

At ScanPlus Tech, we pride ourselves on being a leading certified and insured provider of camera-assisted drain and conduit inspection services.

What is a Camera Inspection?

Camera inspection of conduits and pipelines involves using specialized sewer inspection cameras to examine drainage systems and conduits with the aim of locating the source of blockages, among other issues, without having to dig up the ground above.

It is an efficient and non-invasive means to inspect all aspects of your drainage and conduit system to identify the cause of the problem and pinpoint its location.

With our camera-assisted drain and conduit inspection services, you no longer have to wonder where to dig or what the current condition of your drainage and conduit system is.

Camera Assisted Drain Inspection

Why Request a Camera Inspection?

There are numerous reasons to request a camera inspection of conduits. However, the majority of our clients use our services for the following reasons:

  • Inspection of septic, drainage, and conduit systems
  • Retrieval of lost items
  • Potential home inspection
  • Remodeling Inspection

Advantages of Camera Inspection of Drains and Conduits

Here is an overview of some of the benefits of our drain and conduit camera inspection services:

  • Precisely locate and diagnose drainage and conduit problems
  • It leads to less costly repairs
  • Early detection of problems
Advantages of Camera Assisted Drainage Inspection

What to Expect During a Camera Inspection

The camera inspection of pipelines and conduits is generally carried out by one of our trained and experienced drainage and conduit experts. Once the pipeline or conduit to be inspected is opened, the pipe camera system will be lowered into the pipeline or conduit.

Pipeline cameras are generally very flexible, allowing them to follow the path of the pipeline or conduit. As the pipe camera moves through the pipeline or conduit, the operator views the real-time images transmitted to the pipeline or conduit on a monitor.

With these images, our expert will advise you on the nature of the problem and how to solve it.


At Scan Plus Tech, we are ready to meet all your needs for conduit and drain camera inspections and smoke testing. Call us today to benefit from quick, efficient, and affordable services.