What is Concrete Slab Rebar and what are the Advantages?

Concrete Slab Rebar

What is concrete slab rebar?

Concrete slab rebar is a type of reinforced bar which is utilized for strengthening concrete. A concrete slab rebar is commonly constructed using various alloys as well as grades of steel.

Additionally, these have ridges which helps concrete easily adhere to the bars. These rebars are usually made up of stainless steel and as such, are able to resist rusting and considered the right option for constructing buildings and also for the construction of concrete driveways.

What are the advantages of using concrete slab rebar?

There are many advantages of using rebar, let us look at them here.

Tension Stress

Poured concrete can fail when tension stress is placed over it. For instance, there is support at two ends for a concrete beam, but if there is no support in the middle then the beam has to bear tension stress in the middle.

You will be able to relieve this stress by using concrete slab rebar to reinforce and strengthen the concrete. The role of the rebar is to absorb tension stress, which in turn, stops the concrete from breaking or cracking.

Reduced Thickness

Rebar can also help in reducing the thickness of garage floors or driveway concrete surfaces.  Normally, varied mixtures such as aggregates and ash are included in the cement for producing concrete, and these elements increase the thickness of the slab.

When you are using concrete slab rebar, the steel bars help in strengthening the mix.