Conduit detection at the construction stage?

Why drilling conduits before detection is it too often at the construction stage?

When we are contacted by generals and/or specialized contractors, they often arrive only when we scan the prescribed places, we then have to move the drill because of ducts, reinforcement bars or obstacles. This causes a lot of costs for all project stakeholders, all sorts of extras, loss of time & money, etc.

Why not scan in the planning stage as this would reduce all problematic issues considerably? Are contractors and consulting engineering firms ready for this change?


Now the important question as to why detection is it too often at the construction stage? In a not so distant past, X-ray was widely used and this technology required a lot of restrictions.

With Ground Penetrating Radar technology, there are more restrictions and it is very easy to make a concrete scan in an occupied building with a coating or not the concrete slab and of course, no harmful health issues.

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In addition, the auscultation of concrete before drilling should be an obligation decreed by the government as this would avoid many problems, delays due to accidents, additional expenses, etc. According to the CSST, hitting a duct can be extremely dangerous for the worker and the occupants!

Here’s a video explaining why scan prior to coring:

Finally, why not simply contact us to scan so as to avoid the above metionned trouble but especially your business reputation!

The solution: Scan Plus

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