How to choose the best expert in concrete scanning in Montreal?

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If you are looking for a company for concrete scanning in Montreal work and want to make sure that the company you choose has the needed expertise to perform the task correctly, then keep reading the information we will be providing in the following sections.  Let’s go through details that you should check to be sure that you have appointed the right firm for any concrete slab rebar scanning in Quebec work.

How to select the right firm for concrete scanning?

Focus on Safety

You will have to check the steps that the company will be taking to ensure safety and security at the job site. You need to hire someone that has injury prevention and safety as their top priorities. The company you select should be able to protect strength as well as the structural integrity of concrete and ensure the safety of the structure.

At the time of detection and marking of reinforcing steel sections that are embedded within the concrete, it helps in guiding concrete drillers and cutters away from it and helps them avoid injuries and also protects the concrete’s integrity.

The firm should pay special attention to post tension cables since if accidentally cut, they can break out of the cable, damaging the structure’s integrity as well as damaging the worker. Another cause for concern is the electrical wires that remain encased within conduits. The marking of conduits through the use of concrete slab rebar scanning in Montreal and Quebec assists drillers and cutters to avoid them and protect themselves from the dangers of electrical shock, in case any of the conduits are damaged during drilling or cutting.

Check Their Capabilities

The company you select for concrete scanning should be able to scan concrete floors, beams, walls, roofs, ceilings, and similar other structures with equal competency. In addition, they should also own equipment of different models, makes, and frequencies so that they can manage different types of conditions and sites.

You also need to check the experience they have. Make sure that they have at least two to three years of experience in managing real life conditions and complexities. They should have the expertise in locating post tension cables, rebars, conduits, pipes and similar other features so that you can reduce work hazards, lower your expenditures, and remove concerns related to structures.

The selected company should be able to perform their work even in busy environments so that people working at the location need not be evacuated. Moreover, they should be available to respond to all your queries, and complete the work within set timelines.

As part of due diligence, they should have a safety program in place to meet any contingencies that can arise and have a track record of successful completion of different projects.

A few of the common services the company should be able to provide include:

  • Ability to provide estimates for the thickness of slabs, both for slab on grade and suspended slabs.
  • Services related to locating and identifying rebar patterns.
  • Post tension cable detection.
  • Locating non metallic as well as metallic conduits and pipes.
  • Detect concrete heterogeneity and voids.
  • Locate cables and pipes that are buried under concrete pads of slab on grade.
  • Provide quantitative data related to coverage depth and rebar spacing, to be used in engineering applications.
  • They should be able to use concrete scanning to scan different types of concrete such as post tensioned and pre cast slabs, poured in place suspended and concrete on grade, grouted masonry walls, and concrete walls that are reinforced.

Additionally, the company should have the competency to use concrete scanning in conjunction with different surface covering such as wood, carpet, exposed concrete, or tile. The ideal company should be able to handle problems in such a way that they prove to be convenient for you.

Examine Knowledge of Applications of Concrete Scanning

Depending upon a specific situation, the company should be able to meet the requirement you have. A few of the common application areas that the company should be able to provide should include:

Office Towers

The company should be able to utilize concrete scanning for identifying location of conduits, rebar, pipes, Q-deck plates, beams, and similar other types of buried infrastructures when renovation work is carried out.

Shopping Centers

This type of scanning is utilized for detecting objects that are buried under the concrete pads at the time of repairs and renovations.


The benefit of concrete scanning is that it can be used by causing minimal disruption in work. Moreover, such scanning will not harm X-rays in any way.

Transit Centers

This type of concrete scanning is used at busy terminals without causing any kind of disruption. This scanning is utilized for locating conduits and rebar before new communication and electrical devices are installed.

Bridge Decks and Spans

The concrete scanning company you appoint should be able to provide this service to meet the needs of maintenance cycle for bridge decks and spans. Information received from concrete scanning helps engineers and project managers get more details about spacing, presence, as well as the placement of important reinforcement steel parts that are commonly present in bridges.


Laboratories keep on changing, making it necessary to perform concrete scanning on a regular basis. This scanning is performed before new equipment is installed by using cores through present concrete floors and block walls.

From the above details it is quite clear that having experience, knowledge, and technical expertise is quite important in any concrete scanning work. By following the above mentioned details you will be able to find the right company that is capable of performing this task with deftness. Get in touch with us with your requirements, since we have the necessary experience, access to required equipment, and trained technicians who are capable of performing scanning in any demanding situation.