How to scan concrete slabs for rebar?

Scan concrete slabs for rebar

First of, what is rebar? Rebar is a steel bar or mesh of steel wires used as a tension device in reinforced concrete to strengthen and hold the concrete tension. Since concrete isn’t good with tension it needs rebar. Concrete without rebar is a short-term fix, not a good long-term structural choice.

Before you decide to tear up a concrete slab, it is a good idea to know where the rebar is. It is one thing to use equipment to break through a concrete structure, and another to come into contact with metal. The problem with finding rebar is that you cannot see it, and therefore you must use certain types of equipment to discern where it is so that you can break the concrete slab quickly and efficiently.

Presently, there are lots of remodels going on in the construction industry and there needs to be lots of concrete being cut for mechanical penetrations, we keep it safe by determining where all the impediments may lie. We do so with the most effective way to scan concrete slabs for rebar with our state of the art equipment Ground Penetrating radar (GPR). This latest technology is able to send signals into the concrete, processing it by our experienced technicians and through the complex computer, which determines where the rebar is throughout the concrete slab.

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Since the exact areas where the rebar is located has been marked, the contractor/ project manager or the person in charge can now proceed safely and effectively without any damages in the reinforcing steel. We are here to keep all projects on schedule due to the fact that a large percentage of our business is locating post-tension cables, rebars and all the reinforcements for our customers. The reason we like to do that is to keep you safe on your job site, understanding that it is a number one priority in any construction site, wouldn’t you agree?

Comment and give your your opinion in comment section below concerning scanning of rebars and reinforcing steel and why wouldn’t you scan a structure before cutting or coring it?