The lunch & learn or coffee-talks are the best ways for us to assess your needs for auscultation of concrete and show you exactly what we can offer as added value to your projects with the different technologies and solutions we offer. These meetings are part of our customer-partnership program that enables us to inform our customers of new requirements, technologies and innovative services that affect your industry.

For your comfort, these meetings will take place in your office during a lunch hour for 45 minutes or during the morning or afternoon coffee break, for 20 minutes.

We offer lunch or coffee, your choice!

Colleagues eating in office

Lunch & Learns are free, informal sessions that allow us to gain a better understanding of your current challenges and discuss innovative developments that impact your industry. We bring lunch to your office at a time that works for you, and help to make sense of the myriad of technologies and techniques that are currently available to assist you in your work (auscultation of concrete, GPR utility detection, concrete scanning with GPR).

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