Structural Surveying: Why Is It Crucial for Our Infrastructures?

Scan Plus Tech - Auscultation structurale

When we discuss civil engineering, every detail matters. Among these nuances, structural surveying is an area, often unknown to the general public, yet it is vital for the safety of our infrastructures. But what is it exactly? Why is it so crucial? And how does Scan Plus Tech position itself as a key player in this field? Let’s delve into this captivating realm together.

What is structural surveying?

Structural surveying can be likened to a medical check-up, but for buildings and other structures. It refers to the set of techniques used to assess the health of a construction, whether it’s a road, a bridge, a building, or any other infrastructure.

The Context: The Age of Our Infrastructures

Many infrastructures around us were built decades ago. Over time, wear and tear, weather conditions, heavy loads, and other factors can cause these structures to show signs of weakness. Structural surveying is therefore necessary to evaluate their condition, and to determine the required actions.

Surveying Tools: Technology Serving Safety

Scan Plus Tech, a leader in the field, uses a variety of cutting-edge tools for these surveys. Ground-penetrating radar, for instance, provides a clear image of the structure’s interior, detecting everything from post-tension cables, to underground tanks.

Potential Hazards: What a Survey Reveals

A structural survey can uncover:

  • Cracks or settlements
  • Corrosion of concrete reinforcements
  • Air pockets or voids
  • Water or other fluid infiltrations
  • Damage caused by earthquakes or other natural events
  • Economic Impact: Why Investing in Surveying is Cost-effective

Ignoring structural surveying can lead to colossal costs in the long run. A minor repair today might prevent a collapse tomorrow. Moreover, closing a road, bridge or building, for major repairs, or in the event of a collapse, can significantly impact the economy by disrupting traffic, trade, and/or housing.

Scan Plus Tech: More than Just Surveying

Scan Plus Tech‘s expertise isn’t limited to concrete surveys. Locating underground utilities is equally crucial. Can you imagine the consequences of digging without knowing where gas, water, or electrical lines are? It’s an unnecessary risk that no one should take.

Integration and Environmental Impact

Infrastructures are deeply connected to our environment. Environmental changes, like increased rainfall or extreme weather events, can directly impact the health and longevity of our structures. Therefore, structural surveying also considers environmental aspects. For instance, checking whether an infrastructure can withstand rising water levels or extreme heat. Scan Plus Tech employs eco-friendly methods, minimizing environmental impact, while ensuring accurate assessment.

Historical and Cultural Importance

It’s worth noting that many of our infrastructures hold historical and cultural value. These monuments or old buildings need special attention during surveying, as their restoration must respect their heritage value, while ensuring safety. Scan Plus Tech has specialized expertise in this area, balancing modern safety needs with heritage preservation.

Training and Expertise

Structural surveying is no simple task, and demands profound expertise. It takes years of training and experience to become adept. Engineers and technicians at Scan Plus Tech are highly skilled and regularly attend training sessions, to stay updated with the latest techniques and technologies.

Case Study: The Genoa Bridge Collapse

In August 2018, the world witnessed the tragedy of the Morandi Bridge collapse in Genoa, Italy. This tragic event underscored the critical importance of regular structural surveying. Had a proper survey been conducted, signs of deterioration might have been detected earlier, possibly averting the disaster. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of taking infrastructure maintenance and inspection seriously.

It’s Not Just About Buildings

It’s also worth mentioning that structural surveying isn’t limited to just large buildings or bridges. Smaller infrastructures, like aqueducts, tunnels, or even retaining walls, also require regular surveying to ensure their integrity.

The Future of Surveying

With the continuous advancement of technology, structural surveying methods will keep evolving, offering even greater accuracy, and early problem detection. Radiodetection, for instance, is one such promising technique, used by Scan Plus Tech.

Beyond Assessment: Ensuring Tomorrow’s Safety with Scan Plus Tech’s Structural Surveying

Structural surveying is more than just an assessment. It’s a guarantee of safety, longevity, and functionality for our infrastructures. In a constantly evolving world, facing challenges like climate change and population growth, ensuring the safety of our infrastructures, is more crucial than ever.

Scan Plus Tech stands at the forefront of this technological revolution, offering unparalleled services, with an unwavering focus on safety, accuracy, and efficiency.

Don’t leave your infrastructures to chance. Invest in structural surveying today, to ensure a safer tomorrow. Contact Scan Plus Tech for a consultation, and find out how we can help you safeguard your assets.