Does your home, building or factory have an underground storage tank? Maybe it holds your heating oil or other substance … Maybe you do not use it anymore. Whether you use it or not, a leaking tank can be very expensive, especially if it affects the water table. If you want to locate an underground storage tank with Ground penetrating radar (GPR), you must contact us! If unfortunately you sell your home or building or plant, you are responsible and you must cover the costs of cleaning & more!!

Underground Storage Tank Locate
Detection souterraine georadar

As a real estate agent, inspector or a representative of an environmental company operating in Quebec, you know what kind of problems underground storage tanks (UST) can result when you want to buy or sell commercial or industrial property.

Lending institutions and insurers also show more sense and often require a certified statement of the property to ensure that there is no risk of contamination. To put it more clearly, sellers must disclose themselves the existence of UST in their property and remedy the problem. In doing so, they improve the environmental assessment and the value of their property.

As a buyer, you should take all possible measures to ensure that no UST is under the ownership. Insist that a statement be made before concluding the sale, so as to eliminate any risk of contamination due to the presence of a forgotten UST. Scan Plus will provide your customer all documentation often required by lenders, insurers, potential buyers and local government.