Weather holding back GPR?

Le géoradar se pratique selon la température.

On cloudy days, Scan Plus is sure to receive phone calls from concerned customers, asking if the rain will delay their utilities being marked. We tell them possibly, because when the clouds open up and the rain pours down, spray paint will run like mascara! Unfortunately, the spray paint will not stick to a wet surface, potentially delaying the utility markings for hours or even days.

We also want to avoid damage to our utility locating equipment, which would result in even more of a job delay. In the case of a thunder and lightning storm, we often seek shelter and wait up to 45 minutes from the last lightning strike before returning to the job for the safety of our technicians.


During the winter months, snow and ice can also become factors in utility locating. Depending on the amount of precipitation, Scan Plus may have to wait for parking lots and sidewalks to be treated. If the snow or ice storm is severe enough, we will have to wait for the storm to come to a complete halt before being able to mark the utilities for the safety of our technicians and equipment.

If the job site is located in a grassy or dirt area, the use of marking flags can decrease the delay time when the weather is not cooperating. Trust our expertise and experience in how we handle jobs in difficult weather situations.

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