What is a UST & how do we locate it?

underground storage tank

Don’t worry – it’s not some sort of disease or infection… a “UST” is an Underground Storage Tank. A UST is any tank, including the underground piping connected to it, with at least 10% of its volume underground.

réservoir de stockage souterrain


As homeowners we take pride in our property and want to do our due diligence to maintain the environmental condition as well as the value of our home. Many tanks were never registered and often were abandoned with remnants of oil remaining in the tank. Left unused over the years, the USTs corrode and deteriorate, often causing contamination to the surrounding soils and groundwater. By law, homeowners are responsible to properly maintain oil tanks and clean up any spills or leaks that may occur.


Locating and mapping underground utility services in both metallic and non-metallic targets by using a combination of ground penetrating radar and radio detection. We are able to locate water lines, drainage pipe, electrical wiring, gas, hydro, sewer, phone and cable lines. Scan Plus tackle the complex task of locating buried underground utilities and services that are often quite congested in the ground.

We provide a reliable, non-intrusive geophysical investigation which will locate and target all underground utilities prior to your project, whether it be, digging, trenching, conducting site assessments or mapping. GPS 3D modelling also available.


Scan Plus will respond to your demanding deadlines, especially when it comes to your encroaching real estate deal

Scan Plus is often asked to locate USTs. Whether or not it is a regulated UST, we have the high tech equipment to locate it with the help of GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar), a non-destructive, geophysical method that utilizes radar pulses to image the subsurface. Make sure you consider the Scan Plus expertise for your UST locating needs!