What Is a Utility Locating Service?

utility locating service

What is a utility locating service?

Any time that a contractor, or even a home owner, needs to dig into the ground, they run the risk of hitting utility pipes and wires. Not only can this be costly if the lines are accidentally cut or damaged, it can also prove to be very dangerous.

Gas lines can explode, and electrical power lines can cause electrocutions and fires. While water may not be as dangerous, a sudden release of water could cause trenches to collapse, trapping workers beneath the surface. A utility locator visits the site before a project begins and locates the exact area and depth of each type of utility on the property. With this information, workers can safely and confidently go about their business. Scan Plus provides such a utility locator service, using state of the art technology to provide an accurate utility line assessment.

Whenever you are about to dig be sure to contact a reliable utility locating service. These services are necessary before doing any kind of digging, regardless of the project. Utility lines are not always as they seem, so using the expertise of a utility locating service is essential. By hiring a professional, not only do you know the location of buried utilities, but also of how deep they are buried. With a company such as Scan Plus, you have 99 percent accuracy for utility lines as deep as 13 feet. This knowledge allows you to proceed with your project with the confidence that you will not interfere with buried utilities.

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How Do Utility Locating Services Determine the Location of Buried Utilities?

Location technicians use a variety of electromagnetic sensors and ground penetrating radar equipment. The signals produced by the equipment locate the pipes and wires, allowing the technicians to create a map or diagram of the location and depth of each utility present.

When Should You Contact Utility Locator Services?

The best time to contact a company that provides utility locator services is long before you begin to dig or start designing. Depending on the scope of the project, it is often essential to know exact locations and depths of utility lines during the early planning stages.

This known information will properly place the structures, foundations, trees and other elements of the project. Sometimes, public services will need to be relocated. The underground utility location services will help project planners to determine where those lines should be moved, so they will no longer pose a problem for workers and machine operators.

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