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Today, it is hard to work in the construction industry … The industry has so many constraints and prejudices … However occasionally, a beautiful story of a young company is required. As you know, the consulting engineering and construction projects are becoming increasingly complex and an error in the execution can be very expensive. Therefore SCAN PLUS’ decision to offer “turn-key” solutions for scanning in 2D or 3D for all types of floors or concrete structures,with precision of a combined advanced system as GPR (ground penetrating radar) and electromagnetic induction. More precisely, Scan Plus will mark the location of underground obstacles directly on the surface or in a report, to clearly indicate where to cut, drill, saw or excavate safely, and where special precautions are necessary.

Our methods are innovative and non-destructive. Our team of technicians and construction specialists specifically trained and qualified to scan the concrete, process the data & quickly turnaround a full digital report. We take pride in being able to provide our customers a safe working environment by communicating in a digital full report in 2D or 3D, all necessary for the proper performance of their projects. These reports are easy to review & share with the rest of your team.


It is important to add that the cost of our services is insignificant compared to expenses and inconvenience related to structural damage of a utility service due to the disconnection of a public or private conduct, or injury to workers due to judgment errors resulting from a lack of proper inspection.

Work sites are marked with permanent paint or not, flags and other usual signage indicators, to ensure that the infrastructure is not damaged. In addition, at the request of our customers and partners, all information collected in the field are converted to allow users to conveniently update their drawings and their databases.


If you are reading this, you probably have an interest in GPR technology in concrete and soil. We provide unique services for GPR applications in the field of engineering and geophysical structure.

Also, GPR finds its way into the general news. We will use this blog to share interesting stories about how the GPR is used around the world and all facets of it.

This unique technology is changing the way we carry out our projects. We will keep you informed of news and technological progress related to GPR.

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