Why locate underground utilities before drilling in concrete?

Locate underground utilities

In recent years, a number of companies and construction contractors contact us to locate underground utilities in a concrete slab prior to sawing, drilling, etc.


Often it is clearly stated in the specifications it is absolutely necessary to know what is happening within the concrete slab rebar to prevent material damage (cuts to rebars, electrical conduits, telecom, etc.) but also injuries to the body of the workers on site.

And lately, many contractors feel obliged to contact concrete scanning firms like ours, even though it is not shown in their plans and specs. They want to prevent additional costs, lost of time, injuries, etc. It is true that as-built plans help in this research but how many oversights or mistakes? Real question is who would want to take such risks?

barres darmature marquageIn short, in order to stay within budget, on time, keep its reputation, prevent injuries etc., it is important to contact a concrete scanning  company with certified and skilled technicians that uses Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR).

By the way, in the above shown photo, the blue markings indicates the rebars … We do not need access directly to the concrete slab to perform any type of detection.

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