Why not just buy my own GPR equipment?

GPR equipment

This is a GREAT question and one that we are getting more frequently. While the cost of a GPR system may seem inconsequential on a large project there is more to concrete imaging than just having the equipment. We truly believe that half of the job involves knowing how to read the GPR data screen. The other half is being able to determine what the data means and this is learned only by experience and expertise.

This comes through experience. Only through experience can we interpret the data on the screen to tell you what anomaly indicates rebar, post tension cables, or electrical conduit. Only through experience and industry knowledge can we take our construction information and apply it to the data on we see after imaging the concrete and provide accurate answers to your questions.

There are many other questions that are asked by people in the construction industry in reference to the digitization of concrete slabs and with reference to concrete scanning. Those questions involve other aspects of our scanning process including; can you locate voids below concrete? Can you scan walls or ceilings? Can you locate rebar ? For answers to these and other questions you can visit our section on services on the website or better yet contact us and we would be happy to answer any and all questions,  as well as provide you with pricing and availability for service.

What’s your experience on the subject? We would be glad to answer to any questions you may have, on our comment section below.