Why our clients need our GPR expertise?

GPR expertise

Scan Plus get calls from civil engineering firms to locate so they may analyze the type of ground, rocks or soil.

Unfortunately not enough geotechnical engineers use GPR as much but should and here are 3 reasons why engineering firms should ask for Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) in their proposal to benefit their geotechnical investigations.


  1. Concrete scanning with GPR is much faster as far as Data collection than bore holding;
  2. You can cover an entire site (even an entire construction site), the biggest benefit of GPR better than any other method these engineering firms use, is covering an entire site & at a better resolution.
  3. Generally less expensive, and definitely reduces risks by adding site safety benefits.

By adding GPR you reduce the amount of boreholes on site. Due to the fact that verification is key, it is crucial to add GPR in your projects & more often.

We are not discussing the replacement of bore holding but a better & faster method is to combine GPR to the above-mentioned investigation.

Civil engineers ask for concrete scanning with Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) in your next proposal, because it has a variety of useful benefits.

Please comment below in the comment section if you have ever used GPR in your geotechnical project, have you found GPR to be beneficial & has it reduced the amount of bore holes used in the project.