Why Should You Choose GPR For YOUR Project?

Voici pourquoi vous devez choisir le géoradar pour vos projets

Here’s 5 reasons why:

# 5. The schedule:

Every project struggles to maintain its projected schedule. One of the biggest problems are the unexpected. This could be because a utility is cut or damaged during excavation, or an electrical conduit was severed while cutting the concrete slab. Scan Plus can help you keep your project on schedule …

We help by mapping the various ducts found in a slab or in private or public outdoor area. These findings can be sketched, mapped, plotted and reported in many different ways.


# 4. The Budget:

Much disruption of the project schedule can have a direct impact, as unforeseen can dictate the overall profitability of the project.

budgetGPR can also provide untold cost savings by locating the fiber optic line before the dig begins. It can help determine what main power feed is located below the concrete and ensure that there is zero downtime for the facility and owner of your project.

# 3. Knowledge and information:

Scan Plus is often contacted to reduce the areas of environmental studies by locating different underground storage tanks before the start of a project.

Ground penetrating radar is used to locate sewer lines so that the contractor greatly reduces its excavation areas. Instead of digging an area of 20’x20 ‘, ground penetrating radar has been used to locate a sanitary sewer line water line and reduce the search area to an area of 5’x10’.


# 2. The Risk:

Schedule, budget, and good information leads to risk mitigation. Having the ability to determine the precise location of public or private services underground limit the risk of an interruption of utilities, injury, delay or major repairs.

Limiting risk allows for better planning, proper budgeting and well done projects.

GPR is another tool for helping to limit the risk associated with construction projects. Further, they want to know that all options have been exercised to limit these risks.

# 1. Security:

The # 1 concern in construction projects in the 21st century is security; Security for the community where the project is implemented, security for workers, traders and entrepreneurs.

In many cases, ground penetrating radar and radar are used to locate electrical conduits or other lines of public or private services. This information will ensure that public services and private or potentially dangerous is safe and that the obstacles are known before engaging in work.

Consider Scan Plus the next time your project raises unknown problems or safety concerns. GPR is able to meet the planned schedule, within budget by providing you with valuable information that reduces the risk and keeps your project SAFE.