Ensuring Compliance and Quality of Your Construction Materials through Aggregate & Concrete Testing

When embarking on construction projects, adhering to regulations and quality standards is crucial to ensure the strength and durability of your creations. At Scan Plus Tech, we understand the significance of concrete and aggregate quality in your projects.

That’s why we offer cutting-edge concrete and aggregates analysis services. Our services are designed to assist you in upholding high standards, at every stage of your project.

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Why Choose Concrete and Aggregate Analysis by Scan Plus Tech?

At Scan Plus Tech, we bring together an experienced team, advanced technologies, and specialized laboratories, all backed by accreditations for various national and international standards. Our approach empowers you to:

Evaluate material performance

We assess the performance of available aggregates by analyzing characteristics, such as density, particle size, and strength.

Adhering to standards & regulations

We assist you in complying with current regulations and quality standards, ensuring the conformity of your construction materials.

Get customized analyses

If standard analyses are not suitable, our tailor-made analysis procedures cater to your specific needs.

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Making informed decisions

You can make informed decisions for your project, through our expert advice, guidance, and meticulous analysis of test data.

Ensuring concrete quality

Our comprehensive range of concrete analyses, from sampling, to strength and durability testing, ensures the quality of your concrete mixes.

Concrete Quality Control at Every Stage

We provide a comprehensive set of concrete analyses at each phase of your project, including:

  • On-site sampling of fresh concrete and slump analysis.
  • Preparation and curing of samples both on-site and in the laboratory.
  • Compression and flexural testing.
  • Density analyses for hardened concrete.
  • Evaluations of concrete strength and toughness.

In-Depth Analysis of Aggregates at Every Stage

Our aggregate analysis services cover a wide range of aspects, from physical characterization to the determination of strength and durability, including:

  • Bulk density and coefficient of friction.
  • Particle characterization, water absorption, and sieve analysis.
  • Shape, angularity, and particle size distribution.
  • Resistance to wear and attrition.
  • Evaluation of compression strength and chemical stability.

Customized Analyses for Robust Construction

At Scan Plus Tech, we understand that every project is unique. That’s why our concrete and aggregate analyses are specifically tailored to your needs. We guarantee reliable and relevant results, to ensure the quality of your construction materials.

Contact Us Today for Comprehensive Concrete Analysis

When the strength and durability of your construction project are at stake, Scan Plus Tech’s expertise in concrete and aggregate analysis, is your best asset. We are committed to helping you ensure compliance with regulations, and maintaining high-quality standards, throughout each stage of your project.

In addition to our comprehensive range of concrete and aggregate analyses, we also offer cutting-edge services, such as concrete scanning with ground-penetrating radar.

Contact us today to learn more about how our services can contribute to the success of your project.